Introducing Father Charitas de la Cruz

Father Charitas de la Cruz is the non de plume of Reverend J. E. McWhinnie, a retired United Methodist pastor. Fr. Charitas is a Jesuit priest (Society of Jesus), a graduate of Seminario de Valderas in Leon, Spain, and Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, in India. Unlike the cloistered life of the Benedictine Order, the Jesuits are members of an apostolic order, missionaries and evangelists to the world, especially in the parts of the world not yet fully explored.

Fr. Charitas is now an old man and his mission field is in the Realms of Dreams, Visions, Remembrances and Possibilities. He writes a devotional that is published daily here on this site and he reveals pages from his Journal, a spiritual account of his life as an explorer into the further realms.

Fr. Charitas is a pastor, a theologian, a one-on-one evangelist, a poet, a photographer, an occasional watercolorist, a child of God, a Friend of Christ, a servant of the Lord.