APRIL 1, 2018

Easter Sunday … the celebration of a new way of Life, the Way of Christ alive within us and among us.  Easter Sunday … comes near every day here in the Sacred Hills of Jade, this Realm of dreams and possibilities, this Realm which exists on the frontier of all-things transforming, here at the edge of tomorrow.  And so I too on this Easter Sunday … begin once again in my beginning once more again.  Fr. Charitas de la Cruz headshotI am Father Charitas de la Cruz, a name which translated means …“the Charity of the Cross”, a Jesuit priest having learned so much from my good Benedictine Brother, Anthony.

The distant hills have always beckoned me.  I believe the Lord has called me to be an explorer of beyond the fences of the settlers.  While many are cloistered in a colony within the world, I am a trailblazer for those who might follow.  I am a missionary into other cultures, not trying to convert them to the culture of my origin but to bring Christ to their culture, not to conquer or convert but rather to what I term …”to help them to experience “Christi-ification” of the world in which they live.  I am a missionary who journeys not to geographical places but to changing times.

So I pray that you will accompany me on my missionary journeys … to walk with me as a fellow pilgrim as we explore the Lord’s Realms of Possibilities and Dreams.

In service to my Lord,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz


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  1. Lata hall says:

    Yes, you are a trail blazer all right. Always working for Jesus, our Lord. Thank you!

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