Thursday, April 5, 2018

raven nevermore“Nevermore!” declares the raven of Edgar Allen Poe, “Nevermore!” At this stage of my spiritual maturity, I say to certain distortions of the Gospel, “Nevermore!”  Much in the manner of a recovering alcoholic or a recovering addict … my reborn Christian life declares, “Nevermore will I return to those ways which did me harm and did harm to those I love.”

Gone are the days of casting judgment on sinners whose sins could never be my own.  Gone are the days of lying to my self and others simply to defend a scriptural inerrancy that scripture itself does not claim to have.  Gone are the days of manipulating crowds to get them to the altar more to prove my own success than to truly redeem their souls.  Gone are the days when doctrine, true or false, is viewed as more important than life and practice.  Gone are the days of Christian nationalism and Christian racism and Christian imperialism.

Now my days are spent in loving souls who are also sinners like myself.  Now my days are spent learning from the lessons the Lord placed within His Creation and finding even clear understanding of the Lord’s ways by so doing.  Now my days are spent reading scripture as scripture was originally intended.  Now my days are being honest and transparent, genuine and authentic in my deals with God and with people, offering holy assistance that is both Divine and humane.  Now my days are spent in the practice of ministry in acts of holy charity.  Now my days are spent in seeking to live purely as Christ would live within me as a citizen in His Realm.

“Nevermore!” sayeth the raven.  “Nevermore!” sayeth those in recovery.  “Nevermore!” sayeth this soul who has been called to the More Perfect Love.

In His Service always,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz


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