The Pride that Blinds Us


Saturday, April 14, 2018


Prejudice is almost everywhere, even here in the Hills of Jade in the place and moments when they are not thoroughly sacred. Racial prejudice, national prejudice, religious prejudice, class prejudice but I believe it is sinful pride at the heart of all its forms.

We have this sinful bent to prove our own worth by placing others at lesser worth. We have this sinful bent to prove that we are right but declaring that others are wrong. We have this sinful bent to be numbered among the winners and others, among the losers. And if we cannot prove this by individual achievement then we lump ourselves into the tribe and prove our worth by way of affiliation. We want to see ourselves as winners by defeating others, by smarter and greater. And if we cannot do this in the reality in God’s eyes, we create our own delusions. rainbow eye

This is why judgment ought to be placed in the courts of God, for God is not half-blinded by our own insecurities, fears, bias and delusions.

We must always be mindful of the misleading pride within ourselves. To take time to open our souls for Divine inspection through our mortal introspection is much a necessity for clear and fair judgment. We must take care of this matter of the dust in our eyes, if ever we have hope of discerning with clear vision.

Always in His Service,
Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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