Hawks and Sparrows

Dispatches from Fr. Charitas

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Today, a hawk snatched one of my sparrows. It is nature’s way. My mind tells me that is an amoral aspect of life, the working of the food chain. But my heart … well, my heart felt sorrow and that sorrow gave way to rage before the rage flew away in the manner of that hawk. I can’t bring the sparrow back … nor should I. That sparrow had no impact on providing for my family. That sparrow was but part of the economy of God’s Providence. Yet still … I felt sorrow. Why?

I think it was because I knew that sparrow. I did not know the bug the sparrow might have eaten. But that sparrow was within my circle of love … and that hawk, with intent to hurt this human soul, took that beloved sparrow away.
I find that my soul is sensitive to when “hawks” snatch away those whom I love. And in Christ … I love souls who live in whatever nation and I love souls no matter their station. When I see a child in tears in Appalachia, I cry; but then again, when I see a child in tears in Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Pakistan, wherever, I cry then as well.

I suppose my circle of Love goes beyond all borders.

In His Service always,
Fr. Charitas de la Cruz


About Father Charitas de la Cruz

a Jesuit missionary into realms of dreams and possibilities: a pastor, a counselor, a poet, a photographer, a contemplative Christian, servant of Christ, pen name of Rev. Dr. Jim McWhinnie
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One Response to Hawks and Sparrows

  1. Lata Hall says:

    Heart wrenching and yet the circle of life. We will have to ask the dear Lord when we see Him, why does this happen?

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