April 18, 2018

As I make my missionary journey through this Realm of Dreams and Possibilities, I exult to the Lord for I am refreshed and renewed. As I break free of the prison of past reluctance, that reluctance to begin once again, I can feel the weight of those chains fall away. I can hear the clanking of the old chains now rusted, the chains of the way-things-have-always been and the chains of that which-must-be.

chains rustedI find we travel through Time carrying old, heavy chains: the guilt, the regrets, the fears, the anxieties, past successes, past glories, past failures, memories now gilt with foggy delusions. I find we grow weary as Time goes by … for the weight of the chains we have collected.

But in the Lord’s calling to risk the judgment of the orthodoxy and the settled and venture forth into these distant hills, I find the power of God flowing into me. It is the creative power that the Rule-Makers fear; it is the creative power that the Inquisition finds evil; it is the creative power that is confined by the fearful Fence-Makers.

“Come, my son, my servant … dare to create with Me!”

And I answered… and thus the joy of the Lord embraces me!

In His Service always,
Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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