The Lake of Swans

Dispatches from Fr. Charitas
Monday, April 30, 2018

swan on lakeWhen the wars are too many I like to journey to the Lake of Swans. I sit on the bank and watch their drifting and soon my soul drifts with them. I find them to be a soft nocturne, played on harps or pianissimo pianos. The swans in their quiet do not invite me to nap, but rather to have my inner thoughts drift to the surface of my mindfulness. They invite my soul to stretch beyond the boundaries of my body, to allow the soul to reach beyond my self-imposed limits.

I am enchanted by how the swans waltz with the other swans, circling around each other with seemingly no concern of getting in each other’s way. They sense where the other swans are going, and this somehow guides their own journey without loss of contentment. On the Lake of Swans, peacemaking and peacekeeping come naturally and I contemplate how the swans have mastered this peaceful manner.

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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