Dispatches from Fr. Charitas de la Cruz
Saturday, May 5, 2018

I sojourn in these sacred hills of jade and here the Realm of God can be found. When I travel through this faraway place, I find Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Wisdom, Community, and Beauty. Yes, here in these sacred hills of jade, heaven and earth are one. Oh, mind you, this wondrous Realm is not everywhere present, but here and there, the Heavenly Realm has poked through the resistance and the reluctance of the world. Mind you, the ways and spirit of the Realm of God is more embraced by some than by too many others. These others are the ones who live in the lesser realm of worldly reasoning and worldly passions. But one by one … the Realm is growing stronger, more quickly in some souls, more slowly in others, and yes, barely stirring at all in a number.

CHERRY BLOSSOM BUDDINGCherry trees do blossom and rivers do shape the stones … for these are among the innocent parts of Creation in its becoming what it was meant to become. But with humanity, we tend to either retreat into the past or rush into the future … what we need is to allow the Present Moment to progress into tomorrow.

The other day a pilgrim asked me, “Would Creation be better off without humanity?” A thoughtful question. I think sometimes it would be and sometimes, it would not.

I recall the Lord teaching about how the Realm of God will arrive …”It will grow like a seed well-planted … a bit each day, every day, in its process and in its time.”

Yes, here in these sacred hills of jade the Realm of God can be found. And also it can be found in all the places I have ever been and all the places I will ever go.

Always in His Service,
Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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  1. Sue Spencer says:

    Creation might be better off without humans, but we’d all be better off with more humanity.

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