Dare We Live in Heavenly Ways

Dispatches from Fr. Charitas

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The world is filled with opinions, but I think opinions are overrated.  The world is filled with arguments for and arguments against … but again, I do not think they are as effective in changing minds and setting courses as tend to think.  I believe more and more as I grow old … that it is the matters of the heart that sways the crowd and shapes the community.

Where there is hate, the world becomes more hateful.  Where there is love, the world becomes more loving.  Where there is condemnation, the condemnation becomes pervasive.  Where there is mercy, peace is slowly restored.

dove on barbed wireNaïve?  Possibly.  True? Absolutely.  Yet the worldly world is fearful of trusting in love and mercy to make the peace.  But Christ brought a heavenly way, a new way, a higher way, a purer way … so that the ways of Heaven might emerge upon the Earth.

Oh,  we, even members of the Church, are devoted to the ways of the world, the sinful ways to which we have grown dependent.  Oh, some like to define the worldly ways in terms of sexual behavior, but that is but a small slice of the worldly ways we have embraced.  We dare not trust; we dare not forgive; we dare not love; we dare not share; we dare not be compassionate … for we have our worldly reasons.

No, my Loved Ones, we are more of the world than we realize.  We are reluctant to live with the quality of spirit that is of a heavenly quality.

But, yet, a few of us must try.

In Christ’s Service always,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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