Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The seductive yet sinister nature of what the early Church referred to as anti-Christ was that it claimed to be the true Christ.  The anti-Christ is successful because it can persuade well-intentioned people to give allegiance to a lesser Christ, a Christ more palatable to the cultural seductions of wealth, fame, and worldly power.  The anti-Christ is an easy sale for its exploits the sins of pride and arrogance, offering everything, demanding nothing.  The anti-Christ in all his forms flourishes in a world of shallow thinking, ongoing frustration, and self-indulgence.  The anti-Christ demands its own form of logic not matter how illogical it may seem, its definition of truth, able to convince the followers that which seems to be true is actually false and that what false is actually true.  The anti-Christ hypnotizes his followers that they no longer can see the evil in the anti-Christ, instead seeing delusions of goodness.

The Bible not only speaks of “the anti-Christ” but also of the many “anti-Christs” for this seduction of souls has come many times during the history of the Church and the world.  Tragically, the spirit of anti-Christ expressed itself not openly as something atheistic or against God, but rather by wolves who first deceived and then deluded and finally will devour the sheep of the flock.  The anti-Christ also claims to be at work in the name of God.  This is why the anti-Christ is so successfully seditious.

Then how can we possibly discern who anti-Christ and who is truly of Christ?  The anti-Christ will now and then expose its hidden agenda.  Beneath the surface he will tempt nations to war, he will abandon the poor, he will rage especially when he fears he being exposed, he will be mean-spirited, he will not have the quality of spirit you would find in the person of Christ, he will pay a higher allegiance to the Caesar and to Mammon, to political power and to money than to the work of redeeming the world through mercy and grace.

Always in Christ’s Service,wolf in sheep's clothing

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz


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