Wednesday, May 30 2018

Our Father who abides in heavenly places, hallowed be Your name. Your Realm is coming upon the earth, so may Your wishes and ways be done on earth as it is in heaven. – Matthew 6:9,10 (my paraphrase)

“Hallowed” is defined as to declare sacred or holy, or to honor as holy; to be held in reverence and respect.  “Hallowed” is an old English word that meant holy.  Somewhat paradoxically we find it in the occasion of “Halloween”.  But even there it refers to the liturgical calendar’s notation …”the evening prior to the holy day of All Saints Day, the day which remembers the holy ones made so by Christ.”

Today, I offer that we are to live hallowed lives so that we are involved in the hallowing of this earth with the presence of God, and wherever God abides is then a heavenly place.

HALLOWEDWherever God abides is a holy place, whether it be in a moment, in a heart, in an act of mercy, in an act of charity, in a thought, in a prayer, in a touch.  If God truly does abide within us as we are taught by Christ, if God truly abides among us as we are taught by Christ, then wherever God abides is a heavenly place.  And yet … how much of our words, attitudes, actions truly have the feel of Heaven.

What is the Realm of God, this new kingdom of God?  It is the hallowing of this earthly existence with ways that are filled with heavenly quality.

Oh, we have a long way to go until heaven and earth are one … but on this day I will with God’s help, do my part.

Always in Christ’s Service,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz






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