Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Lord has shown you, O mortal, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you?
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8

Though spoken by an Old Testament prophet, even in my Christian understanding, these words most perfectly define the godly life, excepting for emphasis I might add, “and to love in every moment”.

If these qualities are not evident in a mortal soul, then no matter the words or the skills or the charisma that mortal soul is not within the spirit of the good and godly.  Contrary to what certain eager evangelists might claim … “Being a Christian is not merely saying a few magic words in vain claim of promise, but in that genesis a good and godly life merges.  Too many people think in that cliché manner of simply getting your insurance policy signed or your train ticket punched.  No, the first words spoken in the humble and honest manner are but the beginning of what must surely follow.

To do jMicah 6ustly … to be fair-minded to all, to be administer even-handed justice, to share fairly the Lord’s Providence, to make right the wrong, to reconcile the conflict and to restore the relationship.

To love mercy … to choose to forgive rather than begrudge, to alleviate the suffering, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to provide shelter for the sojourner, to provide ways to return to the innocent state, to empathize and to heal.

To walk humbly with your God … to journey with the Lord into the future, to be honest with God and yourself, to be the servant, to be the initiative of grace, to confess one’s failures, to learn new ways, to be sculpted by the Grace of God.

And … in my Christian perspective … to love in every moment.

Always in Christ’s Service,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz


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  1. Lata Hall says:

    Well said, to love always in every moment. Lata

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