Wednesday, July 25, 2018


For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. – Luke 14:11

Some might refer to these words of Christ as a paradox, never-ending cycle of humbling and exalting only to be humbled again.  I see this enigmatic phrase as a contrast between worldly values and the values of this New Realm of God. Worldly thought is to climb to the top that is where the material rewards are found; New Realm thought is find the reward of true nobility in the life and work of the servant.

The Walls of Jerusalem and the audacious Temple of Herod would come crashing down … but the humble soul kneeling in prayer would lifted up into glory.  It is the template for centuries of saints … to pursue not the honor but to pursue the humility.  At least it used to be … and I know it still is … but there is a strain of Christianity that has flourished in recent years that has rationalized away the holiness of humility.

We live in a culture where people listen to celebrities and not to humble preachers who have achieved no fame.  It is not the wisdom or insightful thought that determines the worthiness of the preacher but rather the extent of the preacher’s fame.

We live in a culture where everybody wants to be a famous star, as though being but candlelight is a sign of failure.

We live in a culture where the winners tread upon the losers and vault themselves ever higher to the top of the pyramid.

We live in a culture where the ways and means of worldly success become the ways and means of the Christian endeavor.

Will we ever recover the holiness of humility?  Will we ever recover the exaltation of those who do servant’s work?  Will we ever recover the dignity and nobility of those who are poor in the eyes of the world?

Always in Christ’s Service,

F. Charitas de la Cruz

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