Monday, August 20, 2018

But after His brothers had gone to the festival, then Jesus also went, not publicly but secretly.  The Jewish leaders were looking for Him at the festival and asked, “Where is he?” And among the crowds, there was considerable complaining about Jesus. Some were saying, “He is a good man,” others were saying, “No, he is deceiving the crowd.” Yet no one would speak openly about Him for fear of the Jewish leadership. – John 7:10-13

judging crowd

I am not alone among pastors when it comes to this experience, for some people I was their cup of tea, but for others, I did not measure up.  Some loved me and cherished me, others couldn’t wait for me to leave.  Some gave thanks for being their pastor while others, only complained.   For a sensitive soul like me and possibly like Christ, I understood the reality of such difference of opinion, but still, it was frustrating and, at times, frustrating.

I slowly learned that how we are perceived by others is not who we truly are.  Some perceive us in gilded light; others, tarnished light.  But what truly matters is how we are perceived in honest, heavenly light.

I always tried to do my best with the purest of intentions and with all the effort I could muster.  For many it was more than enough, for others, not near enough.  And often, I thought of Christ Himself and how among the crowds there was complaining.

Loved Ones, let neither the adulation of the crowd or the complaining of the crowd formative of your soul and conscience.  Turn an ear to the Lord and listen for how that honest and holy One perceives you, both in where you walk wisely and where you stray foolishly.

Do not let the crowds be the decider of your course, for the crowds are not nearly as reliable as the judgment of the Lord.

Always in Christ’s Service,

Fr. Charitas de la Cruz

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